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Stable Insurance

Overview. UI/UX and Branding work for Stable Insurance

An insurtech start-up based in New York, Stable Insurance specialises in cover for the rideshare and carshare community. Unique in the insurance marketplace, Stable offers a competitive car insurance product based on a range of specific circumstances uniquely catered for in the insurance industry. Customers could keep track of this through the use of the Stable self service app.

What I Did

UX Design and Consulting  //  Web design  //  App design  //  Email design and build  //  Branding design  //  Design system and style guide




New York City, USA

Web Design

Through a process relative to a startup, in initial designs for the website were implemented and changed further down the line after the primary focus had been met. Working with a global development team, the site, quote flow and app were all built using an agile process.

Stable Insurance website
Stable Insurance website

App Design

Allowing customers to easily access their account to see their driver report including details of earnings and hours worked that month, as well as what their insurance premium would be, upload photographic proof of mileage, connect rideshare accounts, claim rewards and refer others for discounts.

Stable Insurance app design
Stable Insurance app design
Stable Insurance app design
Stable Insurance app design
Stable Insurance app design
Stable Insurance app design

Email Design and Build

I designed and built the Stable emails, carrying the brand through this medium successfully.

Stable Insurance email design and build

Corporate Identity and Branding

As a start up, I was also tasked with creating a brand identity for Stable. Taking ideas from the theme of a safe and secure environment, the colours and shapes convey this while also being trustworthy.

Stable Insurance logo design

Style Guide and Design System

A style guide and design system was created outlining how the visual identity of the Stable brand should look and work.

Stable Insurance style guide

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