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Sublime Site Re-design & build, Re-Brand

Overview. Web design and UI of

The sublime pilates site was not repsonsive, broken in places and too many pages that made it difficult to find information most relevant to users. The branding and site colours were also dated so these were addressed. Outcome: site is now responsive, quicker page loads and increase in traffic.

What I Did

UI/UX Design  //  Web design and build  //  Photography  //  Videography





Web Design

Using a combination of UX and UI design, the Sublime site was stripped back and reformatted to make information easier to find and mobile friendly. It was also made industry compliant, using HTML5 and CSS3, and built on the bootstrap platform.

Sublimebodymond website
Sublimebodymond website


Through wireframing the site, I was able to confirm exactly how the sites information and links should be laid out in correspondence to the business goals.

sublime wireframing

Logo Design

A range of initial concepts were created for the brand refresh, along with some colour options.

sublime logos

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