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Vapestore E-Commerce Site

Overview. UI/UX of

Vapouriz is one of the leading online vaping companines in the UK. With a successful e-commerce platform, as well as a high street presence, Vapestore, the flagship e-commerce website, has gone from strength to strength since 2019. With projected earnings of approx £9 million this year, is powering ahead from it's 2019 levels of £2.5 - £3 million.

What I Did

UX/UI Design  //  Analytics  //  User Interviews  //  Web design and build  //  Design system and style guide





Web Design

My role at Vapouriz is to design for, maintain and monitor using analytical data. With a small team and as the sole web and UX designer, we were able to implement strategies that have seen the fortunes of the site increase exponentially. Improved usability, mobile site and delivery options along with a greater range of pricing, we have been able to increase sales whilst being constrained by tobacco laws not allowing us to have our own app. Taking influences from a PWA, I have designed a better and more engaging experience through the mobile site, through which 86% of our traffic comes.

Vapestore website

UX Research and Findings

I conducted live remote UX interviews on mobile platforms with customers to see how they found our website. I was then able to collate some findings in a results document that highlighted pain points in specific journeys relatable to the business requirements. If necessary, I also do some competitor analysis to see if there is a common pattern that can be identified and if this can be useful to our customers. The findings are then shared with managers and shareholders before proceeding to the design phase.

UX remote interview and findings

XD Wireframing and Prototyping

Through the research conducted from both quantative and qualititve methods, I will then create wireframes and prototypes of how the user journey should be followed. These prototypes can then be tested before going to the development team to implement.


Style Guide and Design System

A comprehensive guide is being created that stores all design elements and rules for the website and anything related to it should be cretaed and displayed.

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